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We believe that good tours in Vietnam are only as good as their tour guides. Positive Tours gives people the opportunity to see the country through the eyes of unique tour-guides. Positive Tours explores the history, the cracks and crevices, the side streets, the hidden values of Vietnamese culture and society in Vietnam.


Touring with us means packing your bag, riding the motorbike, jumping in a bus, having a meal with a tribal family, talking to the people who have become the atoms of the community. Together, we will feel the electricity that drives everyday Vietnamese.


After Positive Tours, you'll leave the city with good memories, great photos, interesting knowledge, and of course, new friends. You’ll learn something new or simply embrace something you have never thought you would.


We look forward to meeting you and showing you around!



What We Are Aiming For


As a small start-up with a few people involved, we are taking small steps in the process of bringing options to travellers in alternative touring in Vietnam. Together with you, we hope to bring about awareness, education of traveling as well as contribution to you and our communities where we are touring by.


Our goals


"You"- centric


Infinite Choice

Total Flexibility

Travelers mindset with awareness

The Status-quo in the industry


Structure - centric


Limited Choice


Tourists mindset with raw information



A tour designed from top to bottom according to your schedule and interests.



A scheduled small-group weekly departure. Different destinations, all guaranteed to operate.

Private Classic Safari


You and your family or group of friends choose one of the many scheduled departure dates of any Classic Tours and convert it into a completely private journey, with your own pace and a tourguide to yourselves.

The People and Everything Around Them


"Vietnam is a country that’s supposed to be backwards, but it’s not, It’s really awesome. In the morning, when I was going to work at, like, 5am, I’d see 600 kids on bicycles going to school in their uniforms or walking on the road and going to school, and getting it done. You pass by them, or you get out there and you look at the adults in the rice paddies, people bent over in the rice paddies doing what they do. You get to the villages or the homes or just big open spaces with 15-20 people living in them, but they’re all communal and they’re all working together and they’re all taking care of each other. The old people are respected, so it’s kind of great"


Samuel Jackson - Actor

Amazing & Incomparable Experience



If your tours are the journeys in a galaxy far far away, then our tour-guides are the Jedi that ensures your journey is safe and enjoyable. We are convinced that a few things on our trips are more enjoyable than sitting in a bus, staying in convenient hotels, or eating in a western restaurant. Touring with our guides, we will meet and exceed all criteria and will go above and beyond to provide you with an authentic experience that we believe is the high-light of your trip here.

The Motorbike


To the motorbike - freedoms finest. Marking the the true feelings of the open road, the sky above you, the ground so close to your feet. You started a child-like excitement inside me that lights every time your engine roars. I love the opportunity you give me without restraints to go where I want so freely. Everyday, you marked a new memory of the roads in Vietnam and now every time I look down I will be reminded of the burning love you started inside me.


Faye Mohan - Teacher

The Landscape


Vietnam is a country of contrasts due to its geography. This makes the country unique as it offers travelers the ability to experience a multitude of landscapes.From the rice-cultivating tropical lowlands, to the rich-soiled, coffee-producing highlands, mountainous landscapes , Vietnam offers a unique and varied travel experience.


Brian Letwin - Writer

The Food


Vietnamese food is distinct and unforgettable. The cuisine relies on a balance of salty, sweet, sour and hot flavours, achieved through use of nuoc mam, a fermented fish sauce, cane sugar, the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit or tamarind and chilli peppers. Dishes use plenty of fresh herbs but tend not to be overly spicy, as chilli sauces are served separately. something you must try when you travel here.


Eleanor Aldridge - Travel Blogger

Hidden Values & Hidden Destinations

No other developing country on the planet remotely compares to Vietnam’s nature. First-time visitors are invariably amazed by the diversity of nature in Vietnam. In addition, a tour in Vietnam cannot be surpassed for its pure spectacle and entertainment as well as educational value, not to mention its explosive colour and stunning wares. Learning opportunities might include traditional crafts or food with a diverse assortment of exotic items, quaint and mysterious local shops, sleek modern art houses, or the locally grown spices and produce offered at roadside stands.



Roll with Cuong if you'd like to get off the beaten track in small-scale trips for a unique and personalized experience. We had meals and homestayed with locals in Ha Giang, explored remote areas, and motorbiked a large distance on the road through incredible scenery with plenty exhilarating moments. He's a knowledgable, prepared and selfless guy--plus he does great work for his community--you're in good hands.


Simon Jung

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