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Most of the information about Vietnam on the web could seem confusing and overwhelming especially for busy people. 

Having support to plan your trip in Vietnam can help you to best enjoy your holiday.

Our story

Our founder, Cuong Vu, is a returnee from Sweden. He grew up right in the middle of the Hanoi Old Quarter and moved to Europe after high school. As someone who has spent half of his life living and working overseas, he was often hired for jobs related to East-West communication and knowledge management.

In other words, since he moved back, his jobs have often been about explaining Vietnam to outsiders. This includes facilitating foreign business, orientating foreign professionals, and guest-lecturing students who come to study in Vietnam. He sometimes goes on the road with filmmakers and works intensively with the media on segments about Vietnam.

In 2016, Cuong quit his job and traveled around Vietnam for a year. During his travels he found a big gap of information and knowledge about Vietnam. This made him feel like there is something the status-quo tourism industry can’t provide, and that satisfaction with the tourist infrastructure in Vietnam is derrived from acceptance rather than trying to exceed expectations.

Sometimes when you are not totally happy with the salesmen in the industry, talking to a real person is a smart choice. We can help!

What are Positive Tours' planning services?

In our experience, travelers often set out with a short wishlist of destinations. However, many times  they only heard these places are  a "must-see" without finding much practical about what to do, where to stay, and what to eat while they are there.

What is there to do in Ha Long besides see the beauty of it? Should I book this hotel or that hotel? Where do the locals really eat? Etc.

These are the questions we will help answer when we are planning your trip. We want to make the most of your time and money, either by advising and tailoring the itinerary you’ve already sketched, or by helping you to plan one from square one.

What YOU need to do:

Time is important. So to best prepare, we ask that you contact us as soon as you can—even before you book your flights! The more time we have, the more we could avoid situations that may undermine your trip. Situations such as feeling frozen in a tropical country or staying in a too busy, too noisy part of town, or simply booking a crazy party boat instead of a relaxing cruise, might be some problems we can help you avoid with enough time to prepare.

You are important, too, tell us as much as possible about you:

  • Who are you? What do you do?
  • Is there anything specific you want to see or do? Or maybe NOT do?
  • When do you want to do it?
  • Who are you traveling with?
  • Are you looking for an action-packed itinerary? Leisurely? Or somewhere in the middle?
  • Are you more of a "5-star hotel"- or a "put me wherever has room"-type person?
  • Et cetera

We believe that you might not know what Vietnam offers, but you should know what you want before you write us.   

Please combine these highlights into an email and send it to us. :)

What you should expect from us:

After receiving your email, we will read it carefully and respond with any questions. However, if it is clear you don’t know what you want before you write to us, or we do not receive enough information to be helpful, we may not respond immediately. There are other operators out there who offer pre-planned itineraries for customers who don't know where to begin. We're not one of them.

If enough of our questions are answered, we'll send you a  few reference links to get you started. We won’t charge you anything.

When we feel like we need to spend more time to tailor your trip, a quote for $50USD will be invoiced. This is a one-time planning fee. By planning your trip or responding to emails and calls, we are providing a service. Just as an accountant or a lawyer or any other service-provider charges for their time, so do we. After you pay the invoice, we will confirm your trip details by phone and email.

A $50 invoice may seem like a lot of money, but  it could save you a lot more time, money, and stress later on. It is a good investment. At the end of the day, your trip and your enjoyment are our top priority!

Please note that we are not a travel agency.

Travel agencies are venues that sell our products and add commissions to travelers.

We are the operators, all of our experiences are developed by us for our customers. The guides are trained by us and the services are customized to our company philosophy. We carefully select partner operators for your trips to regions where  we don’t have our own proprietary experiences. Have a look at some of our experiences. You may want to include one or more in your schedule!

If everything is communicated and well-planned, very often our founder Cuong Vu will be the  your guide for your trip.   

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Positive Tours is not  a free travel agency. Our prices reflect our service. We believe service cannot be both good and cheap!

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