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7 Hours -  motorbike driving lesson, lunch, coffee, drink.   

Motorbike similar to one you will learn to drive

Many travelers who come to Vietnam want to  explore by motorbike. Our motorbike driving course is an experience for those who want to learn about their motorbike and, more importantly, how to drive and  understand traffic in Vietnam.

Both new and experienced motorbike drivers have found our course helpful!  We start with theoretical knowledge, but believe the best way to learn is hands-on experience. All of our lessons are one-on-one, and an instructor will be on a back of your bike all the times.

Things we'll talk about:

  • What are the different kinds of motorbike?
  • Is it easy to control it?
  • How does the Vietnamese traffic work?
  • How can you avoid accidents?

It's our goal to help you drive under as many circumstances and in as many different terrains as possible. After the course, many people feel able to start their motorbike trip confidently and comfortably, whether they are driving in the city, countryside, mountains, dirt road or highway.

We can also help  facilitate the process of getting a license from Vietnamese authorities after the course. Though, working permit or Visa in Vietnam is required to get a license.

General Requirements

  • You have no physical ailments that would prevent you from driving.
  • You know how to ride a bicycle .
  • You have a license to drive a car.
  • You are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Lesson structure


We will pick you up at your accommodation in Hanoi. Sitting in a cafe nearby, we will have about 1-hour lesson about different types of motorbike, how the traffic moves in Vietnam, how to navigate it, some general rules about driving in Vietnam.


Let's hit the road! Site one: empty, flat road.

We'll start out easy on a road with no traffic. You will spend about 30 minutes here to get comfortable on the motorbike, practice using all the functions of the bike, and get a feel for driving.


Site 2: clear highway outside of the city with little traffic.

We will then move on to a highway with limited traffic. Riding behind you, the instructor will give you some tips and advice for driving motorbikes on the highway in Vietnam.


Site 3: approaching the city, residential

As we approach the city, you will encounder more and more traffic. This is when you get to practice what you've learned about the behavior of other motorbikes and car drivers here.


We'll break for lunch and coffee (and to settle any nerves).


Site 4: dirt road and off-road

This is the fun part! We'll head to an area of the city that is similar to much of the off-road adventures you might undertake while riding your motorbike in remote parts of Vietnam. You will get to know how to handle situations when you have to cross an unpaved or bumpy road, or climb a steep hill, as well as practice downhill turns.


Head back to your hotel, but not before passing through the Old Quarter ;). By this time of the day, you should be a pro! You will be able to control your bike and know how to avoid risky situations. Upon returning to your hotel, we'll have a short review session and talk about areas for improvement.


You're not quite done yet! The course fee includes motorbike rental for a full day, so you have some homework. We'll likely send you to a nice restaurant nearby or you can spend the rest of the day exploring tourist sites in Hanoi by motorbike. Remember, the more you ride, the more experienced and more comfortable you'll be.


Our instructor is an experienced motorbiker that has done bike tours in both Vietnam and Europe. Instruction available in English, Vietnamese, and Swedish.

Our course is similar to what Vietnamese people get when they're learning. If you pass our test, you will likely be able to pass the Vietnamese driving test. However, you need a working permit or long-term business Visa (rather than a tourist) Visa to apply for a Vietnamese motobike license.

In case of rain or bad weather, you can certainly reschedule.

For more information, please see our F.A.Q.s or give us a call


Motorbike rental. Instruction fee.

Lunch and coffee.

Not Included

Fee to issue license in Vietnam


USD 100 / person


Practice on one of our experiences.

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