Eastern Loop Ha Giang Adventure




4 day / 3 night - Motorbike adventure, minority homestay, trekking and highland market experience



All transportation, meals, and accommodation. Motorbike rental and gas. English-speaking guide. Vietnamese massage. Safety gear. Entrance fees at all sites.


Not Included


Driver. Other services related to your needs.






250 USD/person without driver


300 USD/person with driver


If you wish to travel by car, please see more on our booking page




Day 1:


Our guide will meet you at your hotel to start our van ride from Hanoi to Ha Giang City. This is a 6-hour ride in a very comfortable 9-seat minivan. We will stop for lunch around 10.30.


Arrive at Eastern Loop Ha Giang Adventure's office. This is the time to repack if necessary. A trip and motorbike briefing will be given before we are ready to start our trip!


Our first ride is to Du Gia (60km), during which we will pass through a dirt road for about 30km. The rest of our journey is beautiful valleys and villages. During the ride, we will have plenty of stops for photos and to rest.


Arrive our homestay. A Tay family will be our host for the night. You'll have time for a shower before dinner is served. the rest of the night will have a quiet mountain vibe in the heart of Du Gia Village.


Day 2:


Wake up, eat breakfast under the stilted house, typical of northern Vietnamese minority villagers.


Enjoy a walk around the village. Snap some photos of everyday life in the North of Vietnam.


Continue our motorbike journey to Dong Van—about 80km away


Arrive Meo Vac, one of the biggest towns in the province. We'll stop for lunch and refresh with a coffee, then get ready for one of the best parts of the ride: Ma Pi Leng Pass.


Arrive in Dong Van. Before we head to our H'mong host family, a massage will be be in order to soothe sore backs and bums after 2 days of sitting in a motorbike.


Dinner with our host family, who love to share their rice wine (aka "happy water"). After dinner, try on some traditional H'mong attire before hitting the hay.


Day 3:


Wake up and eat breakfast while enjoying the view from our homestay. Then get ready for the northern-most point of Vietnam.


Arrive Lung Cu, This village shares a border with China and is the most Northern part of Vietnam. This town is know for its flag tower that from which we can see the otherwise of the border to China.


Arrive at the Opium King's house. As one of the most successful businessmen during the French colonization, this opium trader left behind an enormous, ancient house that is now a tourist destination. We stop here for lunch.


Arrive Lung Tam, which is it known for Hemp Linen making. It is both locally grown and hand-made by the H'mong in this village. We will get to see how it is made from A-Z. This is a good opportunity to shop as well as contribute to the people who make it.


Arrive Quan Ba. Stop for an afternoon coffee.


While having a snack by the river, take a swim to refresh before we get back to our guesthouse in Ha Giang.


Back to Ha Giang where we'll have a farewell dinner of some local speciality dishes.


Day 4:


Wake up and eat breakfast.


The van leaves Ha Giang at pproximately 7AM. You will be back in Hanoi around 1:00PM


If you want to drive your own bike, a motorbike license should be presented. We also have a team of local drivers ready to drive you. Click here if you don't have a license.

We do have a private car option for any part of the trip. Please write us for more info.

This is a motorbike-oriented trip. We can customize the trip to include more trekking or hiking if desired. Let us know what you want to do in the booking form and we'll send you a custom itinerary.

Sunday is big market day! This is an important social and cultural experience to the highland minorities. We can fit in some time to see it if you write us or let us know in the booking form.

For those with back problems or families with elderly members or young children, we recommend you write us to better prepare. We’ve had a courageous 7-year old having a blast, loving every bit of the adventure.

Please note that we do our best to see all sites listed, but the itinerary is subject to change at the guide's discretion due to the pace of the group, weather, or transit issues. If you have further questions, please see our F.A.Q.s or give us a call.

In the northernmost region of Vietnam, Ha Giang is a remote destination that has been open to tourism for only a few years. With a population of just over 700,000 people, this is one of Vietnam’s poorest places, and it shows—not because it is decrepit or run-down, but just the opposite—not being reliant on a strong economy has kept the area pristine and preserved, virtually untouched by the harmful effects of mass tourism and big industries.


The region boasts nature as you have probably never seen it. Massive limestone walls, granite outcrops everywhere, hanging valleys, rice terraces climbing to the clouds, and winding roads carved into the mountainsides.


This alone sounds like a great adventure, but combined with the ubiquitous presence of the local hill tribes—mostly proud Black Hmong—this experience is a "must-do" on any Vietnam itinerary.


Fun fact: Ha Giang is both a city and a province that shares a border with China’s Yunnan province,






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