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3 day / 2 night — Motorbike adventure, minority homestay, trekking, and waterfall experience

In this northern region of Vietnam, Cao Bang is all about water; teal lakes, babbling rivers, rice paddies, and of course, WATERFALLS.  Most noteably, visitors come to see Ban Gioc waterfall—the fourth largest waterfall on an international border (after Niagra Falls, Victoria Falls, and   Iguazu Falls)—it marks the border between Vietnam and China.   

With a population of just under 530,000 people in the entire province, and few Western visitors, it will feel like you have the road to yourself. Admire the spectacular mountain scenery and ethnic minory villages that dot the hillsides as we drive along gently winding roads that cut through wide valleys and hug the rivers' edges. During our stops, take advantage of the trekking trails and swim in the clear, cool water of the many ponds, streams, and lakes.

The Chasing Waterfalls adventure is perfect for the aquaphile, for those who have been to or are planning to go to Ha Giang and want to continue exploring the north, and for those who want to take in all the beauty of Northern Vietnam without the stress of mountain driving.

Fun fact: Hồ Chí Minh made Cao Bang his headquarters upon his return from China in exile in 1941.


Day 1:


Our guide will meet you at your hotel to start our van ride from Hanoi to Cao Bang City. This is a 6-hour ride in a very comfortable 9-seat minivan. We will stop for a short break around 8.30.


Arrive in Cao Bang City. This is the time to repack if necessary. A trip and motorbike briefing will be given before we are ready to start our trip!


Our first ride is to Thang Hen Lake (30km), where we will stay at a lakeside resort. Your journey is through beautiful valleys and rice fields. During the ride, we will have plenty of stops for photos and to rest.


Arrive our resort. You'll have time for a shower before dinner is served. The rest of the night will have a quiet mountain vibe. Have a swim or raft ride in the lake, or explore the surrounding village.

Day 2:


Wake up and eat breakfast, then checkout and continue our 75km journey. The roady is quite rough, but the scenery (mountains, karsts, and rivers) and villages are beautiful, so we can take plenty of breaks for photos and rest.


Stop for lunch in Trung Khanh. Area specialties include barbequed duck and pork. After lunch, we will continue to our next stop: Nguom Ngao Cave.


Arrive at Nguom Ngao Cave; dubbed the most beautiful cave in Vietnam. It is a maze of huge caverns, terraced waterfalls, stalagtites, and sparkling pillars. After taking our time exploring the cave, we'll check in to our nearby Tay homestay before continuing on to one of the tour highlights.


After dropping off our luggage at our Tay homestay, we'll take a short, 10km ride to Ban Gioc waterfall. It is the fourth largest waterfall that sits on an international border—in Ban Gioc's case, the border of Vietnam and China. During the dry season, take a boat close to the bottom of the falls. During the rainy season, the water may be too rough, but that doesn't mean the view isn't still spectacular.


The rest of the evening is free for you to explore. Stay a little longer at the falls. Have a swim in the teal stream next to our homestay. Or take a ride along the river and border with China (you may even spot some smugglers).


Dinner with our Tay host family and a quiet mountain evening.

Day 3:


Wake up and eat breakfast. Then get ready for the return trip to Cao Bang City (83km)


Climb to the top of the Phat Tich pagoda, which is nestled into the mountainside and has a spectacular view of the valley and Ban Gioc waterfall.


We'll pass through Na Bai village, and we'll stop for a swim at a giant, quiet, teal-blue lake nearby.


Stop for lunch in Trung Khanh.


Quick stop in small blacksmith village outside Quang Uyen for a look around and a break for your behind.


Arrive back in Cao Bang city where we'll catch the bus back to Hanoi. The bus leaves promptly at 16:00. we'll stop for dinner on our way back and upon our return to Hanoi, we'll help you get back to your hotel.


If you want to drive your own bike, a motorbike license should be presented. We also have a team of local drivers ready to drive you. Click here if you don't have a license.

We do have a private car option for any part of the trip. Please write us for more info.

This is a motorbike-oriented trip. We can customize the trip to include more trekking or hiking if desired. Let us know what you want to do in the booking form and we'll send you a custom itinerary.

Kayaking will soon be added to this itinerary. Check back soon or send us an email to see if kayaking is available for your dates.

For those with back problems or families with elderly members or young children, we recommend you write us to better prepare. We’ve had a courageous 7-year old having a blast, loving every bit of the adventure.

Please note that we do our best to see all sites listed, but the itinerary is subject to change at the guide's discretion due to the pace of the group, weather, or transit issues. If you have further questions, please see our F.A.Q.s or give us a call.


All transportation, meals, and accommodation. Motorbike rental and gas. English-speaking guide. Safety gear. Entrance fees at all sites. 

Not Included

Driver. Other services related to your needs.


250 USD/person without driver

300 USD/person with driver

If you wish to travel by car, please see more on our booking page



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