Together with CNA, our guide explores Hanoi through a few episodes on art, development and urbanization in the capital city of Vietnam.

Vietnam's Accidental Street Art | CNA Insider


They're found on just about any free space on Hanoi's walls, down alleyways, on the outside walls of homes, and all over the face of buildings. It's so prevalent, it's become part of the city-scape: the letters KCBT, followed by a string of numbers.

The Reckless People of the Red River | CNA Insider


As Hanoi struggles to house more people coming into the city, some migrants have resorted to building temporary floating houses on the river. Exposed to the elements, they face the threat of flood, storms, and unsanitary living conditions.

Hanoi Heading Towards "Airpocalypse"? | CNA Insider


The Vietnamese capital is choking in a toxic smog. Has the Vietnamese capital become the new Beijing due to unbridled traffic growth? Are there clear solutions in sight?

Knowing every bit of Ha Giang, we was hired to translate and interpret in the process of making this documentary.

Vibrant Highland , Commercial Love


'Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love' tells stories of exotic love, of tribal kings and opium trade, of kidnappings (trafficking) for the Chinese sex trade; it deals with homosexuality among Vietnam's ethnic minorities, it talks about political reeducation, about spirits and magic. The film was shot in Ha Giang

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