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Positive Tours is proud to be a small business. A group of skillful guides have been providing services and creating friendships, inspirations and understanding that cannot be found by any large-scale corporate tours. Positive Tours does not only mean a positive experience for customers attending our tours but it also means bringing out the most positive part of each employee, traveler, partner and individual that get involved with us.

Positive Tours is an enterprise striving to improve the tourism industry in Vietnam by improving the capacity and understanding of the individuals that work within it. We also provides a platform for travelers to deeper their understand of Vietnam in a more authentic way by offering a private and spontaneous journey. We believe in the inter-dependency of individuals across cultures, society and history and that knowing our inter-dependency between each other, especially those who have the chance to experience differences is a necessary ingredient toward building a better world. And by focusing privately and intimately on our cultural, social and historical and other experiences, we believe that we can literally manufacture the fun that can foster awareness of inter-dependency around the world.



Our Traveling Philosophy


The common assumption is that we are born given absolutely one identity but we don’t want to believe in this. We think there are at least 2 identities inter-dependently existing in every person; one is for taking the most positive action and one is for understanding the worst circumstance.

Your taking action identity is for initiating ideas, putting them into practice and leaving the practice behind in a wonderful world that you once touch and made a difference. This makes you feel meaningful and contributed.

Your understanding identity is to collect all these emotional moments from lovely regular people you met during our tours eg. farmers, minority, or simply fruit sellers by the streets and this is exactly the heart of traveling: seeing the struggles everyday life not to feel sorry but to relate to them that you find out everyone has a story and a struggle. It makes us connected and that makes us beautiful in any given culture, society, time or place.

We hope you can both feel contributed to the place you travel to with us as well as understanding the most difficult circumstance that everyone might feel so we can all appreciate who we are more.




Our Team


Our team consists of world travelers, Vietnamese returnees, dual-citizens and local university students, expats, traditional & modern, HIV-positive, LGBT, handicapped citizens and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds. We believe that in order to best understand and anticipate the needs of our guests, our team needs to reflect the diversity of our guests as much as possible.



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