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Alternative Travel Experiences

We believe that there are travel experiences that can only be obtained independently and privately while traveling in Vietnam  ..

Through our understanding of the travel industry in Vietnam and knowing your need to do somethingtuit is different, Positive Tours gives people the opportunity to experience these activities.

Positive Tours explores the history, cracks and crevices, side streets, and the hidden values of Vietnamese culture and society that can't be experienced in a big group.

Touring with us means preparing, and communicating with us beforehand so you can maximize your experience as well as manage your expectations.

After Positive Tours, you'll leave the city with good memories, great photos, interesting knowledge, and of course, new friends. You’ll learn something new or simply embrace something you have never thought you would.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you around!

Tonkin Adventure

Full day tour—For those who want more than the standard tourist destinations in the Hanoi area.

Tonkin Adventure Thumbnail
Eastern Loop Ha Giang Adventure Thumbnail

Eastern Loop Ha Giang Adventure

4 day / 3 night—Adventuring to the most remote area by the most popular means in Vietnam: motorbiking. 

Chasing Waterfalls

Ban Gioc Adventure


2 day / 1 night—Waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, oh my! Often overlooked, you'll feel like you have this destination to yourself.

NEW Chasing Waterfalls Cao Bang Adventure

Treat yourself to the highlight of your travel experience

For me the experience is made not by the place, but by the people I have met in each place to share the same memory with. Those moments are captured in photographs, but the sensations and feelings are memories withheld between each individual. Each of my travel companions all made the trip memorable for me not by taking photographs, but for sharing unforgettable moments together and for that- I thank each of you...


-Andrew Bosco, Eastern Loop 2017


Positive Tour's philosphy and thier extreme proffesionalism made this experience unforgettable. I ended up travelling with beautiful, "positive" human beings, in one of the most beautiful regions of Vietnam. Amazing landscapes, homestays, and food. I cannot recommend this tour enough!...

Victor Dumont

Eastern Loop Ha Giang Adventure 2017


As a young company working toward being a leading operator in Vietnam, we do not only strive to provide the best quality experiences for you, but would like to together with you to address any concerns and/or difficulties you have while traveling here. Solving these challenges drive our company to our goals and we hope that you can be a part of our success.

Our team consists of world travelers, Vietnamese-returnees, dual-citizens and local university students, expats, traditional & modern, LGBT, handicapped citizens, and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds. We believe in order to best understand and anticipate the needs of our guests, our team needs to reflect the diversity of our guests as much as possible.

Positive Tours is not  a free travel agency. Our prices reflect our service. We believe service cannot be both good and cheap!

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